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Clarifying the costs for the EU’s AI Act

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to disrupt businesses and all our lives in the 21st century, leading governments around the world to publish strategies for tapping the potential of AI. The EU definitely wants to ensure its place at the top table when it comes to harnessing the vast opportunities promised by AI, leading to […]


Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

The benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology are numerous, but so are the challenges it presents. Adopting AI in the realm of cybersecurity could lead to significant problems for society if security and ethical concerns are not properly addressed . CEPS launched a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in the autumn of 2019, to consider the technical, […]

Expert commentaries

Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity

A new CEPS Task Force report proposes concrete policy measures and recommendations to help ease the adoption of AI in cybersecurity and address the security and reliability of AI systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually being integrated into the fabric of business and widely deployed across specific applications use cases. Not all sectors are equally […]