Romain Bosc

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Romain Bosc

Research Assistant

Romain Bosc is a Research Assistant within the CEPS Regulatory Policy Unit, where he works mainly on digital and related regulatory policies. He organises thematic events for the CEPS Digital Forum, a platform that gathers numerous stakeholders active in the digital economy, forward-looking ICT policy in Europe, the United-States and other regions. Recently, he was actively involved in exploring the impacts of the copyright reform, and in analysing the different attempts to regulate Internet platforms and e-commerce, or in exploring the economic, legal and societal implications coming along with the ‘hyper-connected society’.

Graduated in Political Science (BA, Université Saint-Louis) and International Relations (MA, Université Libre de Bruxelles), Romain complemented his multidisciplinary background with various trainings and professional experiences in EU affairs. Prior to joining CEPS, Romain accomplished a traineeship at the European Commission DG CNECT, where he worked on international collaboration in ICT research & innovation, including the transatlantic dialogue on the information society and various regulatory matters, such as cybersecurity and data protection, ICT standardisation and copyright issues, as well as Internet Governance policy.

MA in International Relations, Globalization and Public Policies - Université Libre de Bruxelles; BA in Political Science - Université Saint-Louis
French, English, Spanish