Ngo Chun Luk

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Ngo Chun Luk


Ngo Chun Luk has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree cum laude in Aruban Law from the University of Aruba, as well as a Master’s degree in International Law from Maastricht University, specializing in European Law, and in particular European Citizenship.

Luk is currently conducting his PhD research at CEPS, as part of the TRANSMIC project, on the relationship between forms of 'quasi-citizenship', return migration, and dual nationality. TRANSMIC is a project coordinated by Maastricht University and funded by the European Commission’s Marie Curie actions. It aims to contribute to the understanding of transnational migration, in particular by looking at the conditions for and effects of transnational migration, possibilities for the mobility of migrants’ rights to be enhanced, and the links between migration, citizenship, and migration and development. For more information, please see:

Prior to joining CEPS, Luk has worked on the MACIMIDE Global Database on Loss of Citizenship, and was involved in the Involuntary Loss of Citizenship (ILEC) project.

LL.M. (International Laws at UM, Aruban Law at University of Aruba)
English (native), Dutch (fluent), Papiamento (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), French (elementary)