11 Dec 2014

Mapping Statistics on Loss of Nationality in the EU: A new online database

Maarten Peter Vink / Ngo Chun Luk

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Statistics can be useful when assessing the practical relevance of varying rules and practices on the involuntary loss of nationality across EU member states. Yet while much progress has been made within the EU in recent years with regard to the collection of comparable and reliable information on the acquisition of nationality, statistics on the loss of nationality are hard to find and, where available, difficult to interpret.

In this comparative report, the authors explore the landscape of existing statistical data on loss of nationality in the European Union. They identify challenges to the existing methods of data collection and data interpretation and introduce an online statistical database, bringing together all existing statistical data on loss of nationality in the EU. These data are summarised in tables and graphs and discussed with reference to the relevant national and European sources. The authors conclude with recommendations to policy-makers on how to improve data collection in this area.

Maarten Peter Vink is Professor, Department of Political Science, Maastricht University, Ngo Chun Luk is a TRANSMIC Research Assistant, Justice and Home Affairs Unit, Centre for European Policy Studies.