01 Mar 2004

Justice and Home Affairs in the EU – Liberty and Security Issues after Enlargement

Edited by Joanna Apap


This topical book analyses the main difficulties facing both existing, and candidate, EU countries in the area of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) on the eve of enlargement. It also presents an excellent compendium of constructive policy recommendations, which the authors believe are needed to pave the way towards and after enlargement. The policy recommendations reflect the richness and difficulty of the debate as well as the sensitivity of the issues at stake – seeking to strike a balance between security, liberty and justice in the EU at this challenging time.
The contributions have been grouped under three main headings, preceded by an overview of the progress and obstacles in the area of JHA. Practical recommendations are presented for each of the three areas:
• The fundamentals of JHA policies in a post-enlargement EU
• Scenarios for crime, law and justice in an enlarged European Union
• Towards an immigration and asylum policy for Europe. Written by academics, high-level practitioners and policymakers, this book will appeal to scholars of European studies and law, European-level policymakers and policy analysts. A wide variety of civil servants and lawyers will also find much of interest.

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