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Offshore wind for the wider Black Sea

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Online Workshop

Offshore wind for the wider Black Sea

Expert workshop on regional opportunities


As part of the CEPS project “Think basins, not borders: offshore wind for the wider Black Sea”, supported by the European Climate Foundation, CEPS is organising an expert workshop on regional opportunities for offshore wind.  

The objective of the project is to explore the potential of offshore wind for inducing low-carbon development in South-Eastern Europe in line with climate neutrality. Offshore wind is deemed to facilitate the transition of coal regions and foster trade in low-carbon electricity beyond the coastal states to land-locked countries around grid corridors. Likewise, an upscale of offshore wind will contribute to the security of supply in the region, which largely depends on hydrocarbons imports from Russia now, and will reinforce wider regional interconnections. Now that the EU Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy has recognised the importance of the Black Sea region, it is up to regional, national and EU stakeholders to elaborate on relevant strategies. 

This workshop aims at gathering first-hand views about how to advance the offshore wind agenda in South-Eastern Europe. The input received from interventions and comments will be incorporated in the report, which can be later shared for additional comments.  

The meeting will gather a small group of people from a broad stakeholder group (e.g., member states, industry, utilities, project developers, NGOs, think tanks and academia). 

For any further information, please contact: Irina Kustova, Research Fellow, CEPS, 

Irina Kustova Irina Kustova
Irina Kustova

Research Fellow