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Code and other Laws: Will the New Telecoms Package spur the Digital Single Market?

Better Regulation and Industrial Competitiveness

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Code and other Laws: Will the New Telecoms Package spur the Digital Single Market?


The review of the EU’s telecoms rules was expected to take a deregulatory approach in a thorough overhaul of the regulatory framework and lay the foundation for the Digital Single Market. The new package comprises a draft Directive for an Electronic Communications Code (ECC), along with additional (non-binding) broad targets for a Gigabit Society, a 5G Action Plan, a draft Regulation on BEREC, and a draft Regulation to stimulate the deployment of local WiFi networks in the EU.

While there is some simplification and streamlining, there are also significant departures (eg on the principle of technology neutrality), institutional changes (in the enhanced role of BEREC), and added complexity on regulation of services. Some of the more notable features to be discussed in this seminar include: 

  • With the push for fibre to the home, what are the implications for the principle of technology neutrality?
  • What will be the implications of regulatory incentives for co-investment on infrastructure competition?
  • The extension of obligations to providers of OTT services are complex. How workable and future proof are the proposals?
  • With an enhanced role for BEREC, what are the prospects for spectrum harmonization across the EU?

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  • Presentations:

Panel I – Stakeholders' view:

Vianney Hennes, Orange:

Comments on the European Electronic Communications Code

Roland Doll, Deutsche Telekom:

Telecom regulation and investment

Lise Fhur, ETNO

James Waterworth, CCIA 

Panel II – Analysts' perspectives:

Alexandre de Streel, University of Namur:

The new telecom package

Sascha Blank, Boston Consulting Group: 

Building the Gigabit Society: an inclusive path toward its realization

Brian WIlliamson, Comunications Chamber:

Policy for 21st century networks

Final remarks:

Peter Eberl, European Commission 

Colin Blackman
Colin Blackman

Associate Research Fellow

Speakers list
Peter Eberl

DG CONNECT, European Commission

Roland Doll

VP European Affairs, Deutsche Telekom

Vianney Hennes

Director, European Public Affairs, Orange

James Waterworth

VP Europe, CCIA

Brian Williamson

Partner, Communication Chambers

Sascha Blank

Principal, Boston Consulting Group