INTERECONOMICS, Volume 54, No. 6, November / December 2019

Industrial Implications of Decarbonisation

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Industrial Implications of Decarbonisation

While the US has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the European Union is stepping up its efforts to meet the terms of the accord. The EU has set climate targets in order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and keep the average global temperature increase below two degrees Celsius by 2100. Increasing the share of renewable energy sources, decarbonising energy-intensive industries and reforming the energy sector are just a few of the various ways that the EU could invest in its future.

A Green Deal for Europe would help set ambitious standards and establish an investment programme in future markets while strengthening the European economy and energy security. This commitment will require efficient processes, innovative thinking and policy reforms. Our Forum authors: Tomas Wyns, Gauri Khandekar, Irina Kustova, Christian Egenhofer, Angela Köppl, Stefan Schleicher, Radu Dudău, Mihnea Cătuţi, Erik Gawel, Sebastian Strunz and Claudia Kemfert demonstrate how climate protection and a sustainable energy transition create economic opportunities and environmental benefits for Europe and beyond.

Editorial: ECB: Time Is Ripe for a Real Strategy
by Peter Bofinger

Forum: Industrial Climate Neutrality in the EU: Outline of an Integrated Industrial Green Deal
by Tomas Wyns and Gauri Khandekar

Forum: The EU Electricity Sector Will Need Reform, Again
by Irina Kustova and Christian Egenhofer

Forum: Material Use: The Next Challenge to Climate Policy
by Angela Köppl and Stefan Schleicher

Forum: The Decarbonisation Challenge of Southeast Europe: A Case Study of Romania
by Radu Dudău and Mihnea Cătuţi

Forum: The EU Internal Market and the Transformation of Energy Systems to Sustainability
by Erik Gawel and Sebastian Strunz

Forum: Green Deal for Europe: More Climate Protection and Fewer Fossil Fuel Wars
by Claudia Kemfert

Letter from America: Addressing Inequality: The Wealth Tax
by Barry Eichengreen