INTERECONOMICS, Vol 54, No.1 January/February 2019    

Economic Convergence or Divergence in the EU?    

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Economic Convergence or Divergence in the EU?

The 8th annual Intereconomics/CEPS conference took place in Brussels on 9 October 2018. This issue features contributions from our conference participants who take a closer look at the trends and driving factors of convergence and divergence. They examine the ripples created by the 2008 financial crisis in different parts of the EU, the impact of institutions and policy measures, alternative approaches such as the ‘convergence of opportunities for people and firms’ as well as the specific regional factors at play. Our contributors offer a deeper insight into answers to the question: “Economic convergence or divergence in the EU?”

Editorial: Macron Struggles to Reunite a Divided Country
by Julie Hamann

Forum: Economic Integration and Income Convergence in the EU
by Cinzia Alcidi

Forum: How Can Europe Upgrade Its “Convergence Machine“?
by Cristobal Ridao-Cano, Christian Bodewig

Forum: Fifteen Years of Convergence: East-West Imbalance and What the EU Should Do About it
by László Andor

Forum: Unravelling the Roots of the EMU Crisis. Structural Divides, Uneven Recoveries and Possible Ways Out
by Giuseppe Celi, Dario Guarascio, Annamaria Simonazzi

Forum: Convergence and Divergence in the EU: Lessons from Italy
by Barry Eichengreen

Forum: Convergence of the German Bundesländer: Lessons for the EU
by Michael C. Burda

Forum: Divergence? What Divergence?
by Charles Wyplosz

Forum: Incentivising Structural Reforms in Europe? A Blueprint for the European Commission’s Reform Support Programme
by Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest, Carla Krolage, Florian Neumeier, Daniel Stöhlker

Letter from America: Cities Are Stepping Up to Prevent Climate Disaster
by Mark Chambers