02 Jan 2019

Economic Integration and Income Convergence in the EU


CEPS researcher Cinzia Alcidi contributed a policy analysis to the Forum section of the January/February issue of Intereconomics, which looks at the driving factors of convergence and divergence in the EU. The article can be downloaded here, along with other contributions on this question.

The 8th annual Intereconomics/CEPS conference took place in Brussels on 9 October 2018. This issue features contributions from our conference participants who take a closer look at the trends and driving factors of convergence and divergence. They examine the ripples created by the 2008 financial crisis in different parts of the EU, the impact of institutions and policy measures, alternative approaches such as the ‘convergence of opportunities for people and firms’ as well as the specific regional factors at play. Our contributors offer a deeper insight into answers to the question: “Economic convergence or divergence in the EU?”