24 May 2017

Towards a More Resilient Global Economy

Executive Summary of the Berlin G20 Conference

Daniel Gros

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In November 2016, CEPS organised together with the German Ministry of Finance a high level conference on global economic policy coordination within the G-20, the group of the major global economies. At the time it was not certain whether the new US administration under President Trump would disrupt the global trading system or play a constructive role. The summary from this event contains many pointers on how the global economy could be better managed if all participants, including the US, play a constructive part.

Sessions were organised around main six themes: Public debt – Sustainability and transparency; Private debt – Deleveraging and avoiding bubbles; The real economy – Resilience through flexibility; Taxes – Improving the Global Framework; Capital flows – Shocks or shock absorbers?; and The Global Financial Architecture. CEPS Director Daniel Gros provided expert advice in shaping the conference programme and drafted the final report based on input from the rapporteurs: Matthias Busse, Lars Ludolph, David Rinaldi, Willem Pieter De Groen, Cosmina Amariei, Gilles Thirion.