25 Jan 2023

The RRF role in strengthening active labour market policies and public employment services

Italy, Spain and Croatia

Francesco Corti / Tomás Ruiz de la Ossa

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The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) dedicates a pillar to social and territorial cohesion. This includes reforms and investments that contribute to supporting employment, skills development and the creation of high-quality, stable jobs in the post-pandemic recovery. Activation policies and efficient public employment services (PES) are two key measures to achieve these objectives.

This study analyses the measures addressing Pillar 4 (social and territorial cohesion) of the RRF. It focuses on two policy domains: active labour market policies and public employment services. The study zooms in on the reforms and investments included in the RRF plans of three EU Member States (Italy, Spain and Croatia) and assesses their relevance, effectiveness and coherence.

This study was provided by the Economic Governance and EMU scrutiny Unit at the request of the European Parliament’s ECON Committee.