01 Jul 2004

Scenarios for Examining General Trade Agreements

Chantal Pohl Nielsen / Hans Grinsted Jensen / Martina Brockmeier

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European Network of Agricultural and Rural Policy Research Institutes (ENARPRI) Working Paper No. 8, 13 pages

The aim of this working paper is to formulate a set of scenarios reflecting the regional and multilateral trade agreements already concluded, currently under negotiation or simply put forth as proposals that involve or affect the European Union. A selection of these scenarios will subsequently be analysed by the Danish Research Institute of Food Economics and the German Federal Agricultural Research Centre within the framework of ENARPRI. To ensure the relevance of the suggested scenarios in addressing the current challenges facing the EU, the scenarios presented here take account of the most recent reform proposals, negotiation positions and political statements concerning multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements. They focus on market-access, the effects of domestic-support policies on developing countries and export subsidies.