16 Dec 2014

Making the most of Energy Union

Christian Egenhofer / Fabio Genoese / Anna Dimitrova

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By elevating “Energy Union” to the status of a Commission mission statement, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker succeeded in forging a new EU consensus on energy and climate change at the October European Council meeting. In a move that was made possible by linking the internal energy market and climate change agendas to security of supply, solidarity and infrastructure, the initiative notably meets the interests of Central and Eastern Europe as well as the peripheral member states.

This commentary by a team of energy specialists at CEPS applauds this new development, but cautions that the European Commission will soon need to give it real meaning and substance before Energy Union can become reality. With this objective in mind, the authors outline six priorities to which Commission Vice President Maroš Šef?ovi? should give immediate attention.

Christian Egenhofer is Senior Fellow and Head of the Energy and Climate programme at CEPS, Fabio Genoese is Research Fellow at CEPS and Anna Dimitrova is a CEPS Research Assistant.