10 Nov 2016

The Disclosure of Guarantees of Origin

Interactions with the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

Jaap Jansen / Eleanor Drabik / Christian Egenhofer

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Demand is increasing in the EU for specific electricity products of desired origin. For now, this demand relates almost exclusively to electricity generated from renewable energy sources, and comes from business organisations wishing to enhance their environmental credentials and households wishing to contribute to a better environment. The tracking system of guarantees of origin is instrumental to the reliable authentication of claims about the origin of a certain quantity of final energy. European law stipulates that guarantees of origin are to be used to prove the share of renewables in total deliveries of a supplier to customers.

This report considers, among other factors, the rationale and selected options in the design of forthcoming EU legislation to extend the use of guarantees of origin to verify disclosed information about sources of electricity deliveries to final consumers, and makes a number of policy recommendations.

Jaap Jansen is a non-resident Fellow and Eleanor Drabik a Researcher at CEPS Energy Climate House. Christian Egenhofer is Director of CEPS Energy Climate House and Head of the CEPS Energy & Climate unit. 

Series: CEPS Special Report No. 149       No of pages: 23

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