26 Apr 2021

What are the challenges to data sharing for mobility and healthcare in the EU?


The European Commission has set an ambitious digital agenda for the coming years with the aim to tap the potential of data and new technologies for the EU’s economy. European ‘data spaces’ in key sectors, including mobility and health, will be central to these ambitions.

In this context, we are delighted to share with you the results of the joint project “Big Data and B2B Platforms: The Next Big Opportunity for Europe” on how to accelerate the growth of the data-based economy and support the development of B2B platforms in Europe in two sectors: automotive and healthcare.

Over the past two years, the study team developed two technical pilots to enhance data sharing, along with an analysis of the regulatory barriers and market deficiencies that shaped the development of policy recommendations.

For the automotive sector, CEPS developed a comprehensive study of what is acting as a brake on connected and automated mobility solutions in the EU. This study is complemented by policy recommendations to the EU and national policymakers to ensure that the full potential of new mobility applications is tapped.

For the healthcare sector, CEPS analysed the problems that affect the development of digital health solutions in the EU and the creation of potential EU-wide business-to-business health data marketplaces, with a focus on type 2 diabetes data and unified diabetes-related datasets.


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