10 Oct 2022

The Trade and Technology Dialogue

Carrying out research, providing insights and engaging with stakeholder in support of the EU-U.S. TTC


CEPS is delighted to announce the official launch of the Trade and Technology Dialogue (TTD). The TTD is an EU-funded project designed to support the EU-U.S. Trade and Technology Council (TTC), which serves as a forum for the European Union and the United States to coordinate approaches to key global trade, economic, and technology issues and to deepen transatlantic relations based on shared values.

Until May 2025, the TTD will mobilise experts and stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic with events and analysis to facilitate inclusive, efficient and effective discussions and joint initiatives in support of the EU-U.S. TTC* and its ten working groups. Analysis and research activities will deliver innovative ideas and insights, while dedicated in-person and hybrid events will maximise transatlantic cooperation and exchange among stakeholders, and with EU and U.S. government officials.

Since May this year, the TTD has successfully convened two joint technical government-to-stakeholder meetings for Working Group 4 and Working Group 7 of the TTC; the summaries will be published soon on Futurium. Ongoing activities include research and analysis reports as well as hybrid and virtual events to support the work of seven of the ten TTC Working Groups. Ahead of the third TTC Ministerial meeting, the TTD will also convene stakeholders to gather their views and priorities. Further information will be announced soon on Futurium.

In order to facilitate the adoption of shared initiatives with the backing of civil society, business and academia, the TTD is strongly committed to enhancing communication, public outreach and transparency. For this reason, the TTD communicates via two main channels: (i) the existing Futurium platform will serve as one-stop-shop to access all TTD analysis and event activities, and we strongly encourage all stakeholders to submit their ideas and position papers on this platform; (ii) the TTD will provide regular updates and exclusive event invitations via email, for which interested stakeholders can sign up here.

The TTD consortium is led by Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the GRID Unit at CEPS; and is coordinated by Rosanna Fanni, GRID Researcher. Consortium partners include the European University Institute (EUI), the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and Forum Europe. The Providence Group in the United States acts as subcontractor, with the key task of securing the involvement of US stakeholders. The TTD does not take positions on issues and is committed to carrying out state-of-the-art policy analysis and research by applying highest standards of academic excellence and maintaining unparalleled independence and impartiality, as well as to provide a forum for discussion and exchange among all stakeholders. The TTD follows the principles and practices of the CEPS Integrity Statement.

Andrea Renda officially announced the establishment of the TTD during the second TTC ministerial meeting organised with the support of the French Presidency of the Council in Paris-Saclay on 15-16 May. A formal kick-off meeting was held the following week to discuss priorities for the Dialogue with representatives from the European Commission DG TRADE, DG CONNECT and the Foreign Policy Instrument.

How you can get involved with the TTD:

  • Register your support and interest in this project by subscribing to the TTD Newsletter.
  • Learn more about the stakeholder activities, and how you can contribute by regularly following the updates, on Futurium where upcoming events, research outputs, and further content will be announced.
  • Connect with the TTD via @Trade_EU, @DigitalEU and @EU_FPI social media accounts.

Andrea Renda (Director) and Rosanna Fanni (Coordinator)


* Disclaimer: The TTD is funded by the EU, but not acting on behalf (or as an agent) of the EU. The TTD is neither a part of the TTC nor a kind of secretariat for its activities, but a separate platform linked to the TTC with the aim of helping make the TTC a success.