01 Jun 2022

Celebrating the launch of the European Policy Data Science Network


CEPS in cooperation with Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV) is proud to announce the public launch of the European Policy Data Science Network. The network unites data-driven researchers from leading institutions in our mission to make data science methods useful for both policy and society.

While the private sector is increasingly investing in data science capabilities, governments, think tanks and NGOs are only now starting to discover these tools. They lack best practices, training and a community for data scientists working on policy issues.

We’ve now founded the Policy Data Science Network to fill this gap in Europe. Our network brings together data-driven researchers from European think tanks, NGOs and public institutions that support and engage in public policy research.

If you are using code to collect, analyse or visualise data in your work, we invite you to get in touch!
Both beginners and advanced users are welcome.

The network meets multiple times per year to:

  • Exchange best practices based on past successes and failures
  • Organise training sessions on topics ranging from web scraping to data visualisation and legal issues
  • Promote a realistic understanding of the benefits and shortcomings of data science tools
  • Build a community of like-minded people passionate about data and political and societal issues.

More information about our members and activities is available at https://policydatascientists.eu/
Contact us at: contact@policydatascientists.eu

The network is jointly organised by Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (Berlin) and CEPS (Brussels).