02 Mar 2021

Celebrating International Women’s Day and announcing the CEPS Parity Pledge


As we celebrate International Women’s Day this month, CEPS is proud to announce the launch of its own Parity Pledge, which will be revealed on 8 March as part of our ongoing ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) initiative.

As a leading European think tank, organising more than 100 events every year, it is our responsibility to promote diverse opinions and ideas on the policy scene. Gender balance and diverse panels are crucial to presenting different perspectives and enhancing debates.

This is why CEPS is going to announce its commitment to gender-balanced events in a parity pledge to be published on our website on International Women’s Day.

The pledge aims to show our commitment to gender equality and sets ambitious targets to help promote equality and diversity in all policy events. We commit to taking an active role in transforming Brussels’ policy landscape to make women’s voices heard and female experts more visible.

Such action is just one amongst many as part of our long-term SDGs project launched in September 2020. The project aims to improve and celebrate diversity at CEPS and in our think tank work, and to share best practices with other think tanks, research and policy institutions, civil society and the private sector.

Since September, our staff undertook many actions:

        Organised a series of focus groups to share best practices in HR and recruitment, research and methodology, outreach and communication

        Launched a series of internal training on diversity and inclusion, as well as guest speakers for staff to discuss key issues related to diversity, gender, race, biases in the workplace

        Developed a Young Thinkers Initiative as part of our Ideas Lab conference

        Held a media training for women researchers

        Created an internal tracker to monitor gender balance at our events

        Developed an internal survey on diversity and inclusion to inform our own internal policies and areas for improvements

We will continue to work on promoting diversity, inclusion and gender-balance in all our activities and within our organisation.