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What laws for the token economy?


CEPS Conference room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

Participation in this event is exceptionally free of charge. A light lunch will be served from 13.30 onwards

Lunch Time Meeting

What laws for the token economy?


?Digital currencies remain the most widespread blockchain-based innovation to date. However, multiple other use cases are being tested in different economic sectors: post-trading of securities, energy grids, etc. These solutions already raised concerns about customer and asset protection, and the misuse of the technology for criminal purposes.

At the CEPS-ECRI Lunchtime meeting, senior practitioners, high level officials and other experts will discuss the best policy approach to address those issues. How and to which extent should the possible emergence of a token economy be regulated and enabled? Is a special Blockchain Act an adequate policy tool? Should potential legislation adopt a multi-sectoral approach? Should there be minimum requirements for activities on blockchains? Finally, what legal construct should be adopted for “digital tokens”?

The event is organised in cooperation with the Mission of Liechtenstein.

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Sylvain Bouyon
Sylvain Bouyon

Speakers list
Thomas Dünser

Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein

Joachim Schwerin

Chief Economist, DG Grow, European Commission

Philipp Sandner

Head of the Frankfurt School for Blockchain Center, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Thomas Nägele

Managing Partner, Nägele Attorneys at Law LLC

Slavka Eley

Head of Banking Markets, Innovation & Products, European Banking Authority