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WEBINAR on Financing Renewable Energy in Europe towards 2030

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WEBINAR on Financing Renewable Energy in Europe towards 2030


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This webinar is organised by the EU-FP7 funded project “POLIMP” on mobilising and transferring knowledge on post-2012 climate policy implications. POLIMP aims to identify knowledge gaps about future international climate policy directions and what these gaps imply for policy and decision makers internationally and in the EU.

One of the key outputs of POLIMP is an online platform called “Climate Policy Info Hub” (climatepolicyinfohub.eu), which offers scientific evidence on climate policy options. It explores impacts and implications of international and EU climate policy for decision-makers in policy, business and civil society. The aim is to support informed science-based EU climate policy-making.


Implementing the Paris Agreement will require substantial additional investments in renewable energy sources around the world and also in the European Union. This POLIMP Webinar will look into the consequences of the new global climate deal for financing renewable energy in Europe. In the context of the revision of the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED), the webinar will also discuss how to overcome existing barriers to financing RES deployment, how to reduce investment and policy risks, and how to mobilise investments for renewable energies in Europe.

As a background to the Webinar, the POLIMP Policy Brief on: Financing Renewable Energy for Europe: The way forward" is available at: www.polimp.eu/publications/policy-brief-series/item/2nd

Arno Behrens
Arno Behrens

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Vlasis Oikonomou

JIN Climate and Sustainability

Andreas Türk

Joanneum Research

Martin Berg

Investment Officer, Climate & Environment, EIB

Kristian Ruby

Chief Policy Officer, Wind Europe

Roland Roesch

Senior Programme Officer, Renewable Energy Markets and Technology Dialogue, IRENA