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Trust and Security in the Internet of Everything

CEPS Conference Room
1, Place du Congrès - 1000 Brussels

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Trust and Security in the Internet of Everything


This meeting is one of a series of forward-looking seminars to explore the likely ICT policy issues that Europe will need to address over the coming decade. Following seminars on the implications of a hyperconnected society, future content and services, and future communications infrastructure, this meeting will explore issues around trust, identity and security on the future Internet.

Trust lies at the heart of participation in the digital economy and society and will become even more important in a world of smart cities and the Internet of Things. Public mistrust of new technology is not new but our growing dependence on the internet and its increasing complexity makes trust a critical issue for the future. Some perceive that a crisis of trust is developing, fuelled by highly public data breaches and the perception by many consumers and citizens that their personal data might not be kept secure or that it might be used by companies and governments in ways that they do not support.

The coming hyperconnected society will further blur the distinction between reality and virtuality, and humans and machines, and raises questions about the ways in which consumers and citizens interact with technology, why they behave as they do, and what needs to be done to build trust.

Key topics include:

  • From a sociological and psychological perspective, what drives our attitudes and behaviour on the internet
  • What are the key elements in building trust for citizens and consumers in the Internet of Everything?
  • Do we need to rethink policies towards security, privacy and consumer protection?
Colin Blackman
Colin Blackman

Associate Research Fellow

Speakers list
Laure Chapuis

Member of the Cabinet of Vice-President Andrus Ansip, European Commission

Christoph Steck

Director for Public Policy, Telefónica

Karmen Guevara

Visiting Scientist, Computer Lab, University of Cambridge

Cornelia Kutterer

Director for Digital Policy, Microsoft

Marco Pancini

Policy Counsel, Google