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Towards the Next Digital Agenda for Europe: The implications of a hyperconnected society

CEPS Conference Room
1, Place du Congrès 1000 Brussels
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Towards the Next Digital Agenda for Europe: The implications of a hyperconnected society


CEPS is pleased to announce a series of forward-looking seminars to explore the likely ICT policy issues that Europe will need to address over the coming decade, the intention being to help define the next Digital Agenda for Europe. To do so requires that we first look to the future – to consider the possible shape of the European digital landscape in 2030 – so that we can focus attention on the challenges of the future rather than those of today.

The first seminar in this series, will explore a likely vision of the future – a hyperconnected society – to understand what hyperconnectivity might mean for society and the economy, for citizens and business. Key topics include:

  • What will a hyperconnected society look like?
  • What will be the implications for the citizen, especially data privacy and protection?
  • How will business be affected and what are the business opportunities?


Summary of the Event


Implications of a hyperconnected society – Colin Blackman, Director, CEPS Digital Forum
Privacy in a hyperconnected society – Ian Brown, Senior Research Fellow & Associate Professor, Oxford Internet Institute
Hyperconnected Society: Implications and opportunities for business – Peter Harrop, Chairman of IDTechEx Ltd
Being human in a hyperconnected society – Nicole Dewandre, Political Advisor to the Director-General, Societal Issues of the DAE, DG Connect, European Commission 

Subsequent seminars will explore further key topics and themes for future ICT policy arising from a hyperconnected world. Topics and schedule (subject to change) are shown below:

Tentative date                        Topic

16th September 2014        Devices, content and services in a hyperconnected world

9th October 2014               Building the infrastructure of the future – investment, regulation and spectrum

13th November 2014          Identity, trust, security and privacy in a hyperconnected society

4th December 2014            Can a meaningful digital single market be achieved?

15th January 2015             Identifying the building blocks of the next Digital Agenda?

Participation in CEPS meetings is a benefit of membership. Non-members may be admitted for €150, to be paid upon receipt of an invoice. A light lunch will be served after the event from 13:00.