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The spectre of Brexit: Until referendum do us part?

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The spectre of Brexit: Until referendum do us part?


With 10 days to go until the historic in-or-out referendum that will decide whether the United Kingdom will leave or remain in the European Union, the University of York  and CEPS are hosting a final debate on the issue.

This is the second time Britons are asked to vote in such a plebiscite. A number of EU referendums have been held across the EU, usually asking citizens whether they should join the EU or whether a new Treaty should be ratified. The 2016 Brexit referendum, however, is somewhat different. First, there is no clear plan regarding the UK’s relationship with the EU in the case of Brexit. Second, leaving the EU would not only entail a change of the UK’s relationship with the EU but also potentially trigger discussions over its own internal constitutional future. Third, a potential Brexit will also have a profound political and economic impact on both the UK and the EU.

This event will focus on the electoral politics of the referendum, and the potential political and economic impact of ‘Brexit’ on the UK and the EU. 

Steven Blockmans Steven Blockmans
Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

Speakers list
Sofia Vasilopoulou

Lecturer in Politics, University of York

Tom White

Adviser, Global Counsel