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Strategies for the transition to electric mobility

Energy, climate change and the environment

Place du Congres 1 - B-1000 Brussels
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Strategies for the transition to electric mobility


The EU Commission’s White Paper (Impact Assessment) found that long-term EU decarbonisation ambitions can only be met by a shift to e-mobility. It furthermore supported that ambitious EU policies in this field can help the industry maintain its leading position in the sphere of research and green technologies development. The CEPS Task Force has also emphasized the need to move towards low-carbon transport systems, where new promising vehicle technologies gain prominence and citizens can choose between more environmentally-friendly but still very efficient choices for public transport, cycling etc.
This workshop will thus explore the efficient and effective elements of a strategy to gradually shift to e-mobility. While adhering to the principle of technology neutrality, the workshop will address the various barriers that stand in the way of widespread deployment of new promising e-technologies (e.g. e-bikes, hybridisation, fleet management etc.) and will discuss appropriate measures to overcome them at various levels. Recognizing the great potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) in transforming our mobility patterns, the workshop will also deal with issues related to their widespread application.


Participation is free of charge for CEPS Members, EU & Government Officials, Academics & Students .  Non-members may be admitted to this workshop for €150 or for €300 in total for three Transport and Climate Change workshops (the remaining two be held on  24 June and 2 July).

Pathways to Low Carbon Transport in the EU – Arie Bleijenberg, TNO, Chairman of the CEPS Task Force
Clean Power for Transport initiative. An EU sustainable alternative fuels strategy including the appropriate infrastructure – Jose Fernandez Garcia, EU Commission
Strategies for the transition to electric mobility – Wolfgang Schade, Head of Business Unit Transportation Systems, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Karlsruhe
City of Oslo – Espen Skistad, Senior Procurement Manager, Agency for Improvement and Development, City of Oslo
Strategies for the transition to electric mobility: Local government perspective – Natalie Evans, Local Government for Sustainability
Strategies for the transition to electric mobility – Gilles Bernard, ERDF
E-Mobility: Chances and Threats. Actual Situation of E-Mobility in Europe – Richard Aumayer, Bosch
Strategies for the transition to electric mobility – Jean-Christophe Beziat, Director of Institutional Relations for Innovation, Public Affairs Department, Renault Nissan
Battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles deployment : Status and Prospects – Vincent Panetier, Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, France

Bert van Wee

Delft University of Technology