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POLIMP Final Conference: “The Future of EU Climate Policy after Paris”

Energy, climate change and the environment

CEPS Conference Room
Place du Congres 1 - 1000 Brussels

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POLIMP Final Conference: “The Future of EU Climate Policy after Paris”


This conference is organized by the EU-FP7 funded project “POLIMP” on mobilizing and transferring knowledge on post-2012 climate policy implications. POLIMP aims to identify knowledge gaps about future international climate policy directions and what these gaps imply for policy and decision makers internationally and in the EU.

POLIMP identified what information about climate policy making and its implications is needed by the different stakeholder groups, collected this information from various different sources and offers the results to stakeholders in intuitively easy formats and clear language.

One of the key outputs of POLIMP is an online platform called “Climate Policy Info Hub” (climatepolicyinfohub.eu), which offers scientific evidence on climate policy options. It explores impacts and implications of international and EU climate policy for decision-makers in policy, business and civil society. The aim is to support informed science-based EU climate policy-making.

The aim of this conference is to showcase some of the results of POLIMP and to discuss them with climate experts. In particular, the conference will contribute to improved climate policy making in Europe by looking at two issues. First, by assessing opportunities for mutual learning from the design and implementation of climate policies globally, and second, by reflecting upon how EU climate policy will need to evolve after the Paris climate summit (COP21).

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Arno Behrens
Arno Behrens

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Peter Horvath

Policy Officer, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission, POLIMP Project Officer

Vlasis Oikonomou

JIN Climate and Sustainability, POLIMP Project coordinator

Dimitrios Zevgolis

Policy Officer, DG CLIMA, European Commission

Mariia Khovanskaia

Climate Change and Clean Energy

Femke de Jong

EU Policy Director,Carbon Market Watch

Andreas Türk

Joanneum Research

Matthias Duwe

Head, Climate, Ecologic Institute

Giulia Barone


Tomas Wyns
Wendel Trio

Director, Climate Action Network