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Network Neutrality: Challenges and Responses in the EU and in the US

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Network Neutrality: Challenges and Responses in the EU and in the US


This Digital Forum seminar tackled the topic of net neutrality, an important and contentious part of the Telecoms Single Market (TSM) package and covered issues around traffic management, blocking or throttling, specialised services, transparency and quality of service. Opinion differs on all aspects of net neutrality – even on its definition. 

The decision by the Federal Communications Commission in the US maintains operators' freedom to offer specialised services. It also allows for commercial agreements in the field of Internet access that go beyond speed and volume, such as ‘zero-rating’ tariffs, subject to safeguards by the regulator. In Europe, key aspects of net neutrality regulation remain controversial. This seminar compared the approach adopted in the US with the current debate in Europe.

Find enclosed the presentations given by the speakers:

J. Scott Marcus, Net Neutrality: Challenges & Responses in the EU and the US

Andrea Renda, The “Neutrality trap”: the US and EU frameworks

Colin Blackman
Colin Blackman

Associate Research Fellow

Speakers list
Andrea Renda

Senior Research Fellow, CEPS

J. Scott Marcus

Independent Consultant