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Moving towards a Circular Economy: Challenges and opportunities for SMEs

Energy, climate change and the environment

CEPS Conference Room
Place du Congres 1 - 1000 Brussels

Participation in this event is free of charge. Networking lunch from 13:00-14:00

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Moving towards a Circular Economy: Challenges and opportunities for SMEs


The circular economy is not only a buzzword in environmental policy circles, but is also one of the EU’s key strategies to stimulate sustainable economic growth and jobs, as illustrated by the European Commission’s Work Programme for 2016. During 2015, the circular economy was one of the most debated topics in the EU in the context of the withdrawal of the 2014 Circular Economy Proposal and the preparation of the new Circular Economy Package by the Juncker Commission. The GreenEcoNet Final Conference will focus on the circular economy and its implications for EU businesses. The event will include two sessions with expert panels. The first session will bring together SMEs and SME networks to discuss the barriers and enablers to the implementation of circular economy business models. The second session will deal with the 2015 Circular Economy Package, focusing on its measures in support of the green SME transition. A debate will be held on whether the Package can help EU businesses improve their competitiveness while reducing their environmental impacts. 

GreenEcoNet (www.greeneconet.eu) is a project financed by the European Commission, which brings businesses and academia together on an EU-wide platform to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the transition to a green economy. This platform allows SMEs in Europe to connect to each other and to share their experiences, innovations and best practices. It thus aims to assist SMEs in optimally reaping the business opportunities of a green economy. 

Arno Behrens
Arno Behrens

Associate Senior Research Fellow

Speakers list
Panagiotis Balabanis

Deputy Head of Unit, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

Eva Revilla

Policy Officer, DG Grow, European Commission

Guido Lena

Director for Sustainable Development, UEAPME (The European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

Michael Steurer

Senior Policy Advisor, Eurochambres

Andrée Buchmann

Director, Entreprendre Vert network

Gregorio Magno Toral

CEO and Founder, Ciclogreen

Henning H. Sittel

Project Manager, Efficiency Agency North Rhine-Westphalia

Tim Horsten

Corporate Responsibility Advisor, Duurzom

Corrado Topi

Senior Research Fellow, University of York - SEI

Magdalena Chávez

Founder and Owner, El Piano plant-based restaurant

Cillian Lohan

Rapporteur for the Circular Economy Package, European Economic and Social Committee