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How to align incentives for GHG emissions reductions across the EU, member states and local governments?

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How to align incentives for GHG emissions reductions across the EU, member states and local governments?


Sustainable transport is promoted in the EU through a combination of different policy instruments such as standards, financial incentives and labelling schemes. One of the key conclusions of the CEPS Task Force is that the mixture of low-carbon incentives needs to be aligned, consistent and subject to a common European framework in order to provide scale effects and regulatory certainty to the developers, manufactures, infrastructure investors, service providers and users.

The workshop will focus on the elements of a realistic test cycle that would enable a better alignment of standards, labelling systems and transport taxes across the EU. It will also explore the essential characteristics of an EU-wide labelling system that would provide consistent signals to consumers and manufacturers across the car markets.

More specifically, it will identify “the elements of a more aligned/harmonised framework of incentives for low-carbon technology and fuels” based on the principles of subsidiarity, progressiveness and technology-neutrality. This will include issues related to a realistic test procedure and test cycle as close as practical to real world conditions that is a precondition for a harmonized application of standards, labelling systems and transport taxation across the EU. Recognising the importance of accurate consumer information, this will also deal with the labelling systems across the EU. The main issue is however second to develop practical ideas for a better alignment of the fiscal incentives, including vehicle and fuel taxes, user charges (e.g. road pricing), local governments’ incentives and company car taxes. 

Sandwich lunch & registration start at 12:15
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Participation is free of charge for CEPS Members, EU & Government Officials, Academics & Students .  Non-members may be admitted to this workshop for €150 or for €250 in total for two Transport and Climate Change workshops

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Christian Egenhofer

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