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How can Europe create a Digital Single Market?

Better Regulation and Industrial Competitiveness

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How can Europe create a Digital Single Market?


Creating a connected digital single market is top priority for the new European Commission. Its completion could generate huge economic and social benefits to Europe, notably by creating growth and jobs, improving productivity and reducing public spending. 

Over the past decade, the electronic communications landscape has transformed into a digital IP world, dominated by internet platforms and “over-the-top” services that pay no heed to geographical boundaries. Europe’s patchwork of national markets and its previous strength in core transmission network looks increasingly anachronistic in this new world. Moreover, despite the clear benefits, there seems little appetite from the member states for closer integration.

This seminar will consider the way forward for completion of the Digital Single Market, with attention being paid to the telecoms market, harmonisation of the radio spectrum, eCommerce, as well as the myriad national differences in business practice and rules across the EU.

Key topics include:

  • What are the real benefits of a Digital Single Market for consumers, for innovative companies, and for Europe’s economy?
  • How can the EU’s telecom players adapt in this new digital ecosystem? Is a telecoms single market a realistic goal?
  • Efficient use of the radio spectrum is increasingly important and spectrum harmonisation is key, but how can this be achieved?
Colin Blackman
Colin Blackman

Associate Research Fellow

Speakers list
Gerard Pogorel

Professor of Economics and Management-Emeritus, Telecom Paris Tech

Andrew Cecil

Director Public Policy, Amazon Europe

Scott Marcus

Director, WIK-Consult

Anthony Whelan

Director, Electronic Communications Networks and Services, DG CONNECT, European Commission