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Data Flow with Trust for Enhanced Digital Trade


Data Flow with Trust for Enhanced Digital Trade



With the digitalisation of our society, e-commerce has become a significant component to trade in recent years. The COVID-19 outbreak only accelerated our dependence on e-commerce. In June 2020, global retail e-commerce traffic surged at a record 22 billion monthly visits.
As a result, issues such as data flow and security, as well as e-commerce facilitation with trusted cyber environments require our critical attention. On the latter, the key is to establish interoperability mechanisms among the different legal frameworks, as data often flow across borders.
This half-day webinar will first highlight the characteristics of the “Osaka Track”, launched at the Osaka G20 Summit in 2019, and the EU-Japan “mutual adequacy” arrangement that embodies it. The webinar will then focus on the challenges which confront the WTO e-commerce agreement negotiations. Other prevailing data agreements, such as the OPEN Government Data Act and the Australia-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement will also be discussed for policy discourse during this event.


Participation in this webinar is by-invitation only

Weinian Hu Weinian Hu
Weinian Hu

Research Fellow

Speakers list
Karel Lannoo


Akihiro Ookochi

Minister, Chief of Economic Section, Japanese Mission to the EU

Ron Katwan

Legal Advisor, US Mission to the EU

John Lee

Senior Analyst Digital China, MERICS, Berlin

Javier Lopez-Gonzalez

Senior Trade Policy Analyst, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD

Nadina Iacob

Researcher, CEPS

Juliana Nam

Counsellor, Australian Mission to the EU and NATO

Erik van der Marel

Senior Economist, ECIPE

Michikazu Chihara

Senior Manager, International Strategy Office, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

Weinian Hu

Research Fellow, CEPS

Christophe Kiener

Head of Unit, Service and Digital Trade, DG Trade, European Commission