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Content and Services in a Hyperconnected Society

CEPS Conference Room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

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Content and Services in a Hyperconnected Society


This seminar is the next in a series of forward-looking seminars to explore the likely ICT policy issues that Europe will need to address over the coming decade, the intention being to help define the next Digital Agenda for Europe. Following the first seminar that discussed the implications of a hyperconnected society, this meeting will consider the future of content and services in Europe.

The seminar will explore recent trends in content (audiovisual, digital media, publishing, etc) and services (eg financial, health, education, transport, public services, and so on), and explore how the digital landscape could evolve over the coming decade.

Key topics include:

  • Will content still be king in the future? How will audiovisual and online media develop and what are the implications for traditional media players?
  • Which digital services will citizens and consumers demand in the future and how can their emergence be best supported?
  • What are the policy and regulatory issues that need to be addressed – innovation, competition, access and connectivity, roaming, privacy and data protection, spectrum, etc.



Internet of things: Opportunity for public and private actors – Patrice Chazerand, Director in charge of Digital Economy and Trade Groups at DIGITALEUROPE

Trends in content and services – ?Karim Moueddene, Partner and Lead Consulting Partner for the European Institutions, Deloitte 

Colin Blackman
Colin Blackman

Associate Research Fellow

Speakers list
Karim Moueddene

Partner and Lead Consulting Partner for the European Institutions, Deloitte

Patrice Chazerand

Director in charge of Digital Economy and Trade Groups, DIGITALEUROPE

DS Park

Chief Representative of Samsung EU Affairs, Samsung Electronics

Adam Watson-Brown

CONNECT/02 – Knowledge Management/Foresight, DG Connect, European Commission