Climate-neutral steelmaking in Europe – technology, financing and policy conditions

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Climate-neutral steelmaking in Europe – technology, financing and policy conditions

Green Steel for Europe final conference


To reach Europe’s climate goals for 2050, we need effective solutions from the steel industry. With more than 330,000 directly employed workers and over 2.67 million people working in and around the industry, the EU steel industry produced an average of 170 million tonnes of steel per year, having created around €140 billion of Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2019. However, the sector is facing challenges with trade and especially GHG emissions reductions, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic adding further pressure through the reduction in the demand for steel. The European steel industry is in need of operational changes in the short-term and strategic decisions towards economically-viable and climate-neutral transformation in the long-term. This requires the alignment of steelmakers, steel value chains, policymakers and investors towards finding effective solutions for decarbonising the steel industry.

These topics will be addressed at the final conference of the ‘Green Steel for Europe’ (GreenSteel) project, which aims to support the EU in achieving its targets for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 by providing effective solutions for low-carbon steelmaking. The event will highlight the project’s assessment of promising technologies, investment needs and funding opportunities, and discuss policy options and their impacts, and the way forward towards climate-neutral steelmaking in Europe.


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Andrea Renda Andrea Renda
Andrea Renda

Senior Research Fellow and Head of Global Governance, Regulation, Innovation & Digital Economy

Speakers list
Michael Laubenheimer

Project Advisor, European Research Executive Agency (REA)

Jonas Fernandez

Member of European Parliament, S&D

Maria Spyraki

Member of European Parliament, EPP

Peter Handley

Head of Unit I1, DG GROW, European Commission

Rosalinde van der Vlies

Director, Clean Planet, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

Jonas Fernandez

Member of European Parliament, S&D