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Can Europe lead in 5G?

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Can Europe lead in 5G?


5G is expected to represent a major leap forward from current telecommunications technologies, including revolutionary changes in radio interfaces and spectrum use. Although still to be defined precisely, 5G networks will be faster, always accessible, more reliable and more efficient in handling a large number of devices for the Internet of Things.  5G will be key to the digital economy of the future and the EU has ambitions to gain a competitive advantage by taking a leading role in the definition and standardisation of 5G technologies. However, there are also issues over spectrum policy and competing interests between network operators, industry sectors and other players that will affect Europe’s approach to 5G.

This seminar will examine the EU’s strategy and ambitions regarding 5G and will explore key questions, including:

  • How is the concept for 5G evolving and how will it fit with other fixed and wireless connectivity options?
  • What are the main bottlenecks for the development of 5G? Given the importance of standards, how will these be defined? Which spectrum bands need to be harmonised? Which business models are likely?
  • How can we bring different players (network operators, vertical industries, others) together to collaborate in realising a vision for Europe?

Speakers will represent key stakeholders, including network operators, equipment manufacturers, industry sectors, independent analysts and the European institutions.

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Can Europe lead in 5G? Technologies, standards & spectrum for 5G by Jean-Pierre Bienaimé

Global 5G spectrum update by Luigi Ardito

5G for people and things Spectrum views by Ulrich Rehfuess

Can Europe Lead in 5G? Perspective on Spectrum Policy by Wladimir Bocquet 

Can Europe Leadi in 5G? Strategic thoughts by Dr. Jan Krancke

New Policy Framework for IoT? Expectations from 14 Sept TSM Review by Erik Bohlin

5G is for tomorrow by Simon Forge

Colin Blackman
Colin Blackman

Associate Research Fellow

Speakers list
Jean-Pierre Bienaimé

Secretary General, 5G Infrastructure Association

Ulrich Rehfuess

Head of Spectrum Policy, Nokia Networks

Wladimir Bocquet

Director of Spectrum Management Policy, Eutelsat

Jan Krancke

VP Regulatory Strategy and Projects, Deutsche Telekom

Simon Forge

Director, SCF Associates Ltd

Luigi Ardito

Director, Government Affairs Europe and MENA, Qualcomm Europe