Hybrid Event

Brazil is back: Unleashing the potential of EU-Brazil relations


Foreign and security policy,Trade,Energy, climate change and the environment

Conference Room CEPS & Online
Place du Congrès 1, Brussels, Belgium
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Hybrid Event

Brazil is back: Unleashing the potential of EU-Brazil relations


2023 started with a wave of change and commitment in EU-Brazil relations, with the official start of Lula’s third-time presidency and a long-awaited reunion of EU-Mercosur chief negotiators. There is momentum to find lasting consensus on trade relations and seize opportunities in the Brazil-EU Strategic Partnership and the EU’s role in Latin America.

In this event co-organised with Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), high-level speakers from the EU and Brazil will discuss challenges and opportunities affecting bilateral economic, trade and investment relations against a tense geopolitical and geoeconomic backdrop.

How can the EU ensure that its partnership with Brazil lives up to the competition of Chinese and U.S. traders and investors? What sectoral gains would be generated from the EU-Mercosur Agreement and what impacts can we expect on agricultural trade? While discussions related to sustainability generate debate among the bilateral partners and among EU Member States, cooperation on the twin transition also offers broad opportunities for the two ‘green superpowers’. From climate and energy, to the digital transition and sustainable urbanisation, how can the EU boost investments in Brazil – including through the Global Gateway? What are the expectations on the Brazilian side?

Networking lunch will be provided from 13h00 onwards.

This event is co-organised with FGV Europe.

Karel Lannoo Karel Lannoo
Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer

Speakers list
Dr Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal

President, FGV

Brian Glynn

Managing Director Americas, EEAS

Dr Vera Thorstensen

Head of the Center for Global Trade and Investment, FGV

Eleonora Catella

Deputy Director of International Relations, Business Europe

Dr Marco Ruediger

Director of FGV's School of Communication, Media and Information, FGV

Stefania Benaglia

Researcher and Head of the Global Connectivity Programme, CEPS

Dr Cesar Cunha Campos

Director, FGV Europe

Andreas Kopp

Senior Research Fellow, CEPS

Dr Daniel Barcelos Vargas

Coordinator of the Bioeconomy Observatory and Research Coordinator of FGV Agro, FGV

Michelle Ratton Sanchez Badin

Associate Professor, FGV