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Medium-term Employment Challenges jackie.west@ceps.eu 14 September 2012
Made in the USA? The Influence of the US on the EU’s Data Protection Regime admin 14 September 2012
Macro-Prudential Regulation admin 14 September 2012
Mind the Basel Gap admin 14 September 2012
More Unity than Diversity - The European Parliament after the elections admin 14 September 2012
Measuring the Sustainability of Pension Systems through a Microsimulation Model: The Case of Italy admin 14 September 2012
Measurement Issues for Adequacy Comparisons among Pension Systems admin 14 September 2012
Miscarriages of Justice and Exceptional Procedures in the ‘War against Terrorism’ admin 14 September 2012
MiFID Revolution or Delayed Execution admin 14 September 2012
Much Ado about Little? Agreement on the Consumer Credit Directive Reached admin 14 September 2012
Making the EU Citizens' Agenda Work admin 14 September 2012
Modelling the Multifunctionality of Czech Agriculture admin 14 September 2012
Moldova's Convergence with the Acquis - A Pro-Growth and Pro-Integration Strategy admin 14 September 2012
Modelling the Effects of Trade Policy Scenarios on Multifunctionality in Greek Agriculture: A Social Accounting Matrix Approach admin 14 September 2012
Migration, Borders & Asylum - Trends and Vulnerabilities in EU Policy admin 14 September 2012
Multilateral Market Access Reforms of the Doha Round: A Preliminary Assessment of Implications for EU Agricultural Trade admin 14 September 2012
Measuring the Economic Impact of an EU-GCC Free Trade Agreement admin 14 September 2012
Market-based Options for Security of Energy Supply admin 14 September 2012
Monetary Policy Rules and the International Monetary Transmission admin 14 September 2012
Marie De Somer marie.desomer@c... 04 October 2012
Mid-term Evaluation of the 2009-14 European Parliament: Legislative activity and decision-making dynamics jackie.west@ceps.eu 23 October 2012
Monetary Policy and Banking Supervision: Coordination instead of separation Marco Incerti 12 December 2012
More evidence that markets imposed excessive austerity in the eurozone Marco Incerti 05 February 2013
Mediterranean and the Middle East admin 11 February 2013
Models for the European Neighbourhood Policy: The European Economic Area and the Northern Dimension admin 11 February 2013
Missile Defence: A View from Turkey admin 11 February 2013
MEDPRO project spawns new initiative katharina.holl@... 28 March 2013
Mergers and Acquisitions in European banking higher productivity or better synergy among business lines? rym.ayadi@ceps.eu 06 May 2013
Market study of the current state of play in Member States regarding initiatives in bank fee transparency and comparability in personal current bank accounts willem.pieter.d... 15 May 2013
MiFID and Reg NMS: A test-case for 'substituted compliance'? admin 12 June 2013
Making sense of Sarkozy's Union for the Mediterranean admin 18 June 2013
Merging Security from the Two Level Game: Inserting the Treaty of Prüm into EU law? admin 18 June 2013
Moldova's "wannabe democracy" is worth rescuing admin 18 June 2013
Macroeconomic Scenarios for the Euro-Mediterranean Area: Quantification based on the GEM-E3 model Anne Harrington 25 July 2013
Members briefed on progress in the Single Market katharina.holl@... 29 August 2013
Macedonia - A country in crisis Marco Incerti 13 September 2013