01 Mar 2013

Harmonization of market entry regulation for the operation of air services in the European Union

A comparative survey of the implementation of Regulation (EC) no 1008/2008 by Member States’ Authorities

Felice Simonelli / M.G. Caroli


CEPS Researcher Felice Simonelli has published an article in the Journal of Air Transport Management, 27, Elsevier March 2013 Volume 27, pp 39–45

This paper assesses the implications of Reg. (EC) no. 1008/2008 that confirmed the operating license granting as a persistent form of entry regulation in the EU air transport market. It finds that the actions of Member States’ aviation authorities regarding assessment of air carriers’ financial stability are not uniform in terms of data and information collected, the methods and tools adopted, and the indicators monitored. The heterogeneous implementation of the 2008 regulation by Member States’ aviation authorities results in imposing unequal obligations on undertakings with equal rights to operate in the European market for air services.

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