(When) should a non-euro country join the banking union?

Thursday, 14 April 2016
Researchers' work published externally
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Authors: Ansgar Belke, Anna Dobrzańska, Daniel Gros and Paweł Smaga  

Series: CEPS Researchers’ work published externally

Associate Senior Research Fellow Ansgar Belke and CEPS Director Daniel Gros are among the four co-authors of a paper published in the proceedings of a workshop “Toward a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union”, organised by the National Bank of Austria, 10-11 September 2015. The authors analyse and assess both the advantages and disadvantages of opting in to the banking union for non-euro EU member states, focusing on the experience of the Central and East European countries.

Their co-authors, Anna Dobrzańska and Paweł Smaga, are both at the Narodowy Bank Polski and the Warsaw School of Economics. The entire workshop volume of papers can be downloaded at www.oenb.at/en/Publications/Economics/Workshops/2015/Workshop-No.-21.html