Impact of digitalisation and on-demand economy on labour markets and consequences for employment and industrial relations

July 2016 - June 2017

The Employers Group of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) requested a study on the impact of digitalisation and the on-demand economy on labour markets and the consequences for employment and industrial relations. It discusses job creation and destruction, governments’ responses as well as the impact on employment, working conditions, the organisation of work, customer relations, industrial relations and collective bargaining. While the study focuses on how employers experience and respond to these new challenges, it is evidence-based and strives to maintain a balanced perspective. The study is dedicated to the EU, but particular attention is paid to the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Estonia and Finland. The study combines a literature review with interviews. It will result in a report that is presented to the Employers Group mid-April and should be made available in May 2017.

Funding source: European Economic and Social Committee
Client name: European Economic and Social Committee