As the only think tank in Europe covering nearly all EU policy areas, CEPS is in a unique position to provide a 360-degree viewpoint on any policy proposal and we are also able to identify potential synergies and cross-cutting implications. This is much appreciated by all our members.

About CEPS

CEPS is a leading think tank and forum for debate on EU affairs with an exceptional in-house research capacity and extensive network of partner institutes. We provide an independent platform for exchange and offer potential solutions for EU policymaking through research projects and publications, task forces and regular events and workshops. At CEPS, our researchers provide expert insights and policy analysis across a vast array of policy areas: from economy and finance to better regulation, the digital economy and trade, energy and climate issues, to foreign policy, amongst others.

Areas of expertise

Finance   AI, digitalisation and innovation
Economic and monetary affairs Human rights and justice
Foreign and security policy   Energy, climate change and the environment
EU institutions and policy making Employment, social affairs and inclusion
Migration, asylum and borders Trade

Why joining CEPS

Our membership network is made up of approximately 200 members from many different types of industries and associations. At CEPS we rely on a broad and stable membership base to support our mission, maintain our independence and keep abreast of trends in the European landscape. In addition, our members serve as crucial sounding boards to test the feasibility of our policy recommendations.

CEPS declines any donation that would alter its commitment to complete independence to set its own research priorities. Furthermore, no member can contribute more than 2.5% of CEPS annual income.

By joining CEPS, you support independent and quality research that contributes to European and global policy debates. In return, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with EU decision-makers in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, to join informed and balanced debates on European affairs and to gain expert insights on political issues and legislative proposals.

Gain access to the individual briefings by CEPS research fellows to understand better the latest policy implications from past present and future. Learn and exchange views over the most important EU policy developments by being part of the CEPS Task Forces,  Summer School, and CEPS Ideas Lab. Expand the visibility of your organisation by engaging with the CEPS network. CEPS hosts regular gatherings of its corporate and institutional members representing industry, regulators, institutions, associations, and academia.
Discuss current affairs with various stakeholders while enjoying free access to CEPS lunchtime meetings and corporate breakfasts. Most of our meetings are web streamed as a part of the membership package. Receive a weekly member newsletter for important updates on research and publications. Be among the first to learn about the latest policy developments. Use a neutral platform to co-host special events with CEPS, ensuring a well-informed and balanced discussion. Opportunity to commission independent research on a topic of joint interest

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