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Ten years after EULEX Key principles for future EU flagship initiatives on the rule of law

INTERECONOMICS, Vol 46, No.2 March/April 2011

The European Single Market – How Far from Completion?

INTERECONOMICS, Vol 46, No. 2, March/April 2011

Forum: The European Single Market – How Far from Completion?

by Jacques Pelckmans, Monique Goyens, Hans-Peter Burghof, Stefan Leibfried

In 2012, the European Single Market will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Thanks to the May 2010 Monti report and the release of the European Commission’s “Towards a Single Market Act” six months later, renewed scrutiny is being given to the market’s achievements and failings over the previous two decades. In this issue’s Forum, our authors analyse this progress from diverse viewpoints and draw different conclusions as to the future path to be taken.

Editorial: Economic Policies in the EU at a Turning Point

by Stefano Micossi