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Supporting study for the Fitness Check on the construction sector: EU internal market and energy efficiency legislation Anne Harrington 21 December 2016
Speculative Attacks within or outside a Monetary Union: Default versus Inflation (what to do today) Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
State Transformation and the European Integration Project: Lessons from the financial crisis and the Greek paradigm Anne Harrington 05 February 2016
Shale Fever: Replicating the US gas revolution in the EU? Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Stabilising the European Economic and Monetary Union: What to expect from a common unemployment benefits scheme? Anne Harrington 14 February 2017
Spillovers from the Arab Revolts: Is Armenia next in line? Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Survey on Rules on Loss of Nationality in International Treaties and Case Law Anne Harrington 30 August 2013
Study on the role of digitalisation and innovation in creating a true single market for retail financial services and insurance Anne Harrington 08 March 2017
Security of Europe’s Gas Supply: EU Vulnerability Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Strengthening the strategic choice offered to the EU’s southern Mediterranean neighbours Anne Harrington 18 March 2015
Setting the Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Trading Platforms: Does the MiFID definition of OTF make sense? Anne Harrington 21 May 2015
Strategic Oil Stocks and Security of Supply Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Sergio Fabbrini Anne Harrington 01 March 2014
Sweder van Wijnbergen Anne Harrington 24 January 2017
Stefani Weiss Anne Harrington 28 June 2016
Stefan Schleicher Anne Harrington 02 June 2015
Stefanie Grant Anne Harrington 08 March 2017
Sergi Jiménez Martín Anne Harrington 16 March 2014
Salvador Llaudes Anne Harrington 25 February 2014
Samuli Saarni Anne Harrington 08 March 2014
Single Market Revival Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Saving for Retirement and Investing for Growth Anne Harrington 25 March 2015
Scotland knows what it wants with the EU, while London seems still not to know Anne Harrington 06 January 2017
Slovakia’s Courageous Gimmick Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Sirini Withana Anne Harrington 10 April 2014
Shaping the emerging consensus on Syria Anne Harrington 20 March 2015
Suzanne Gratius Anne Harrington 27 February 2014
Supporting Civil Society in Central Asia: What Approach for the EU? Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Swimming in murky waters: Challenges in developing the EU's external representation Anne Harrington 11 February 2013
Simulations of land use and investment behaviour under different policy scenarios: Results of the extended farm/household model Anne Harrington 20 May 2015
Shifting Responsibilities for EU Roma Citizens: The 2010 French affair on Roma evictions and expulsions continued Anne Harrington 02 May 2017
Simone Tagliapietra Anne Harrington 30 March 2014
Statistical Appendices to “Performance of Long-Term Care Systems in Europe” Anne Harrington 30 March 2015
Supporting the challenges of democratic transition in Tunisia: A call for prompt action from the G8 Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Space Observation Systems: An underused element for EU and global climate change policy Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Stephanie Chan Anne Harrington 24 January 2017