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Shaping the emerging consensus on Syria anne.harrington... 20 March 2015
Suzanne Gratius anne.harrington... 27 February 2014
Supporting Civil Society in Central Asia: What Approach for the EU? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Swimming in murky waters: Challenges in developing the EU's external representation anne.harrington... 11 February 2013
Simulations of land use and investment behaviour under different policy scenarios: Results of the extended farm/household model anne.harrington... 20 May 2015
Shifting Responsibilities for EU Roma Citizens: The 2010 French affair on Roma evictions and expulsions continued anne.harrington... 02 May 2017
Simone Tagliapietra anne.harrington... 30 March 2014
Statistical Appendices to “Performance of Long-Term Care Systems in Europe” anne.harrington... 30 March 2015
Software Vulnerabilities Disclosure: The European landscape anne.harrington... 30 August 2017
Supporting the challenges of democratic transition in Tunisia: A call for prompt action from the G8 anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Space Observation Systems: An underused element for EU and global climate change policy anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Stephanie Chan anne.harrington... 24 January 2017
Sectoral Approaches to Climate Change: What can industry contribute? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Steel there? The European steel industry after the great recession anne.harrington... 13 May 2015
Sinem Yilmaz anne.harrington... 13 March 2017
Sophie Lehouelleur anne.harrington... 31 July 2015
Sharing responsibility for refugees and expanding legal migration anne.harrington... 15 June 2017
Sübidey Togan anne.harrington... 08 April 2014
Structural Reforms as a Panacea? The European Productivity and Growth Puzzle anne.harrington... 20 December 2016
Štefan Bojnec anne.harrington... 08 April 2014
Skills Requirements for the 30 Most-Frequently Advertised Occupations in the United States: An analysis based on online vacancy data anne.harrington... 17 March 2016
State Protection of the Czech Roma and the Canadian Refugee System anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Searching for harm or harming search? A look at the European Commission’s antitrust investigation against Google anne.harrington... 24 September 2015
Steven Blockmans (ed.) anne.harrington... 06 March 2014
Seven Hazards in Cameron’s Intended European Policy anne.harrington... 18 March 2015
Stocktaking and Analysis of ASEM: Outcomes and impact, conclusions and policy recommendations anne.harrington... 09 April 2015
Shifting EU Institutional Reform into High Gear: Report of the CEPS High-Level Group anne.harrington... 20 March 2015
Spain’s Constitutional Reform: What is seen and not seen anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Sorin Elisei anne.harrington... 16 February 2017
Sven Biscop anne.harrington... 14 March 2014
Stefan Vögele anne.harrington... 26 March 2014
Syria and the red lines of international law anne.harrington... 25 March 2015
Securing EU Growth from Services anne.harrington... 30 March 2015
Søren Arnberg anne.harrington... 15 March 2014
Shaping Reforms and Business Models for the OTC Derivatives Market: Quo vadis? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
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