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Spillovers from the Arab Revolts: Is Armenia next in line? Marco Incerti 24 March 2011
Supporting democratic transition in North Africa Marco Incerti 24 March 2011
Space observation systems as a tool in climate change policy Marco Incerti 30 June 2011
Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from education (INCLUD-ED) radmin 23 September 2011
Study on the Effects of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate sector-specific activities on Competitiveness and Productivity sally.scott@ceps.eu 23 September 2011
Socio-economic Value of CO² Free Generation in Northern Europe sally.scott@ceps.eu 26 September 2011
Study on the Impact of National Rules on Unilateral Conduct that Diverge from Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union sally.scott@ceps.eu 26 September 2011
Social Impact Assessment as a Tool for Mainstreaming Social Inclusion and Social Protection Concerns in Policy-Making in EU Member States sally.scott@ceps.eu 26 September 2011
Systematic Innovation and Issues in Market Access for Turkey to the European Union in Health Services and Products sally.scott@ceps.eu 26 September 2011
Study on the Application of Directive 2004/25/EC on Takeover Bids sally.scott@ceps.eu 26 September 2011
Screening of the European Banking Sector sally.scott@ceps.eu 26 September 2011
SME Financing in the Mediterranean: Challenges Ahead sally.scott@ceps.eu 26 September 2011
Security of Energy considering its uncertainty, risk and economic implications (SECURE) radmin 30 September 2011
Study on a Method that can Optimally Allocate the 'cap' of GHGs emission - by Countries, Industries and Establishment Basis sally.scott@ceps.eu 30 September 2011
Studies for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sally.scott@ceps.eu 30 September 2011
Supporting Fundamental Rights, Privacy and Ethics in Surveillance Technologies (SAPIENT) sally.scott@ceps.eu 04 October 2011
Stepping Up Growth Policies Marco Incerti 27 April 2012
Stepping back from the precipice Marco Incerti 21 June 2012
Supply and Demand Side Limitations Affecting the Structure of Agriculture and Rural Economy anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Sales Market Regulations for Agricultural Land in EU Member States and Candidate Countries Els Van den Broeck 14 September 2012
Sector-specific Activities as the Driving Force towards a Low-Carbon Economy: From the Asia-Pacific Partnership to a Global Partnership anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Speculative Attacks within or outside a Monetary Union: Default versus Inflation (what to do today) anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Spain’s Constitutional Reform: What is seen and not seen anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Supporting Civil Society in Central Asia: What Approach for the EU? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
State (un)Sustainability in the Southern Mediterranean and Scenarios to 2030: The EU’s Response jackie.west@ceps.eu 14 September 2012
Space Observation Systems: An underused element for EU and global climate change policy anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Syria and Lebanon: Diverging paths of state unsustainability jackie.west@ceps.eu 14 September 2012
Strategic Oil Stocks and Security of Supply anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Supporting the challenges of democratic transition in Tunisia: A call for prompt action from the G8 anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Strategic Water Resources in Central Asia: in search of a new international legal order Els Van den Broeck 14 September 2012
Sovereign Debt vs Foreign Debt in the Eurozone anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Spillovers from the Arab Revolts: Is Armenia next in line? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Slovakia’s Courageous Gimmick anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Security of Europe’s Gas Supply: EU Vulnerability anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
State Protection of the Czech Roma and the Canadian Refugee System anne.harrington... 14 September 2012