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Latin American Reactions to the Adoption of the Returns Directive radmin 08 December 2009
Latvia and Greece: Less is more anne.harrington... 20 March 2015
Latvia: Extreme political turbulence radmin 14 September 2012
Latvia’s EU Presidency: Less is more anne.harrington... 03 July 2015
Lauge Poulsen margarita.minko... 17 March 2015
Launch CEPS ECMI Task Force Report on Long-term Investing and Retirement Savings katharina.holl@... 28 August 2014
Launch Event: IFPRI’s 2014–2015 Global Food Policy Report Anne-Marie Boudou 15 April 2015
Launch IMF WEO January update: Subdued Demand, Diminished Prospects xavier.trota@ceps.eu 28 January 2016
Launch of 2015 IMF Fiscal Monitor - Now is the Time: Fiscal Policies for Sustainable Growth Anne-Marie Boudou 14 April 2015
Launch of dedicated JHA series on Liberty and Security in Europe radmin 05 November 2009
Launch of EFSF ESM Financial Assistance Evaluation Report Anne-Marie Boudou 29 June 2017
Launch of MEDAM Assessment Report on Asylum and Migration Policies in Europe xavier.trota@ceps.eu 06 July 2017
Launch of MEDAM Assessment Report on Asylum and Migration Policies in Europe nadzeya.laurent... 10 May 2017
Launch of new CEPS Task Force on the Role of Business in the Circular Economy xavier.trota@ceps.eu 08 November 2016
Launch of new event series devoted to the Future of Europe xavier.trota@ceps.eu 29 May 2017
Launch of OECD report “Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Reforms in the European Union” katharina.holl@... 06 December 2011
Launch of the Human Capital Task Force report: Keep a competitive edge in the talent game - learning from China and the US olga.sarrado-mu... 28 August 2014
Launch of the OECD Euro Area Survey Marco Incerti 28 August 2014
Launch of TTIP project at CEPS katharina.holl@... 28 October 2013
Launch of ‘Research Handbook on EU Institutional Law’ xavier.trota@ceps.eu 08 November 2016
Launching Reforms Agenda in Ukraine: common efforts of the government and civil society olga.sarrado-mu... 26 March 2015
Laura Botazzi radmin 12 March 2014
Laura Onofri jackie.west@ceps.eu 07 April 2014
Laura Thissen radmin 11 March 2014
Laure Delcour Radoslav Minkov 22 October 2014
Laure Latruffe jackie.west@ceps.eu 14 April 2014
Laurea utile: studi scientifici o umanistici? Contano genere, reddito non percepito e costi xavier.trota@ceps.eu 26 August 2015
Laurence David Mee radmin 06 March 2014
Laurent Piet jackie.west@ceps.eu 14 April 2014
Laurent Weill radmin 12 March 2014
Lavoro: per gli umanisti è più difficile ma anche per loro esistono opportunità Marco Incerti 18 March 2016
Law and Economics in the RIA World: Improving the use of economic analysis in public policy and legislation anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Le ambizioni inglesi gli accordi Parigi-Berlino I nodi delle nomine Ue radmin 28 August 2014
Le banche tedesche non fermeranno Draghi. Daniel Gros: "Dagli istituti posizione scontata, non influirà sulle decisioni della Bce" xavier.trota@ceps.eu 11 March 2016
Le bluff de Theresa May : transformer le Royaume-Uni en un paradis fiscal aux portes de l'UE xavier.trota@ceps.eu 17 February 2017
Le FMI a sous-estimé les effets de l'austérité, mais rien ne changera ... margarita.minko... 28 August 2014