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Dynamic Currency Conversion: Valuable service or deceptive business model? Anne-Marie Boudou 23 January 2018
Drowning in MiFID II Data: publication arrangements, consolidation and reporting Anne-Marie Boudou 26 June 2017
Digital Traceability in the Fight Against Illicit Trade: Improving Rules and Practices Anne-Marie Boudou 16 November 2017
Data, Innovation and Regulation in Finance: Finding the right balance! Anne-Marie Boudou 19 April 2018
Data protection vs. Digital Single Market – Can the Juncker Commission square the circle? Anne-Marie Boudou 27 November 2015
Donbas: the price of peace Anne-Marie Boudou 29 March 2017
Does the Stockholm Programme matter? The Struggles over Ownership of AFSJ Multiannual Programming anne.harrington... 14 December 2012
Deepening EU–Georgian Relations: What, why and how? anne.harrington... 02 December 2016
Defining an Institutional Framework for the Labour Market anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Democracy vs. the Eurozone anne.harrington... 21 May 2015
Diversity in European Banking: Why does it matter? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Doru Peter Frantescu anne.harrington... 26 May 2016
Demographic Epidemiologic Projections of Long-Term Care Needs in Selected European Countries: Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Dynamic Currency Conversion and Consumer Protection: Finding the right rules anne.harrington... 29 March 2018
David Rinaldi anne.harrington... 04 July 2017
Davide Quaglione anne.harrington... 13 May 2015
Duel between the EU and Argentina: Weapons in the EU Arsenal anne.harrington... 31 March 2015
Dallas Burtraw anne.harrington... 05 March 2014
Distributional Consequences of Climate Change Impacts on the Power Sector: Who gains and who loses? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Debt reduction without (a messy) default anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Debt reduction without default? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Does Wallonia’s veto of CETA spell the beginning of the end of EU trade policy? anne.harrington... 30 October 2016
Diversidad en el sector bancario europeo: La actividad y el papel de las cajas de ahorros anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Deploying the Energy Incentive: Reinforcing EU Integration in South-East Europe anne.harrington... 08 July 2013
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Developments in the Agricultural and Rural Capital Market of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Detailed CMU Action Plan, but more (ambition) is required anne.harrington... 07 October 2015
Determinants of Growth and Inflation in Southern Mediterranean Countries anne.harrington... 22 May 2015
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