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Combating Youth Unemployment: The latest European fad? Monica Iturriaga 18 June 2013
Combating Consumer Discrimination in the Digital Single Market: Preventing Geo-Blocking and other Forms of Geo-Discrimination Anne Harrington 30 November 2016
Collateral and Credit Rationing: The role of collateral in explaining and remediating the limited flow of credit to households and SMEs Anne Harrington 21 February 2014
Collapse in Eastern Europe? The rationale for the creation of a European Financial Stability Fund admin 14 September 2012
Colin Blackman Radoslav Minkov 08 April 2015
Colin Blackman colin 10 April 2015
Cold water Diana Musteata 28 August 2014
Cok Vrooman admin 29 March 2014
Coinciden especialistas en importancia de reformar el FMI admin 28 August 2014
Code and other Laws: Will the New Telecoms Package spur the Digital Single Market? Anne-Marie Boudou 21 November 2016
Coal fouls Balkans’ EU ambitions xavier.trota@ceps.eu 04 September 2015
CO2 Highways for Europe: Modelling a Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage Infrastructure for Europe Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
CMF outlines options to mitigate carbon leakage katharina.holl@... 05 March 2014
CMF event on 27 January 2014 katharina.holl@... 17 March 2015
Cloud Computing EU-Studie warnt vor Überwachung durch die USA margarita.minko... 28 August 2014
Closing the Funding Gap: Competition at the heart of the single market Monica Iturriaga 27 March 2015
Closing the Community Deficit in the EU admin 18 June 2013
Closing financial institutions on both sides of the Atlantic: Are there differences in approach? margarita.minko... 05 March 2015
Closing a deal on Doha: Closer than we might think? admin 13 June 2013
Climate Policy, Carbon Markets: Taking stock isabelle.tenaer... 01 December 2015
Climate policy needs a basic shift admin 28 August 2014
Climate Governance Post-2012, Options for EU Policy-Making admin 18 June 2013
Climate for Cooperation: The EU, China and Climate Change admin 14 October 2009
Climate for Cooperation: The EU, China and Climate Change admin 18 March 2015
Climate for Cooperation: The EU, China and Climate Change admin 28 August 2014
Climate Change: Balancing economic and environmental concerns Radoslav Minkov 13 October 2014
Climate Change, Energy and Transport in the EU 2020 - Future of Sustainable Road Transport Diana Musteata 28 August 2014
Climate change policy post-Durban isabelle.tenaer... 17 March 2015
Climate Change policy post-Cancún Marco Incerti 28 August 2014
Climate Change Policy after the Financial Crisis: The latest excuse for a new round of state aid? admin 14 September 2012
Climate change policy after the financial crisis admin 28 August 2014
Climate Change Meets Trade: The rapidly expanding agenda in the post-Bali period admin 14 September 2012
Climate Change in the US Government Budget - Funding for Technology and Other Programmes, and Implications for EU-US Relations admin 13 June 2013
Climate change briefing: Climate talks – Paris pact must be more than hot air olga.sarrado-mu... 17 April 2015
Climate Change and Trade: Taxing carbon at the border? Anne Harrington 21 November 2013
Climate Change - Selected Outside Events Monica Iturriaga 08 January 2016