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Carlo Jean admin 05 March 2014
Crisis Management at Cross-Roads admin 28 August 2014
Costs and Benefits of Possible Policy Actions in the Area of Actions for Damages for Breach of the EC Antitrust Rules admin 28 May 2010
Competition, Fragmentation and Transparency: Providing the Regulatory Framework for Fair, Efficient and Dynamic European Securit admin 25 November 2013
CEPS event 7 June 2010 with Croatian State Secretary (1st stream) admin 25 June 2010
Christopher Napoli admin 24 February 2014
Chamber of secrets admin 28 August 2014
CEPS Annual Conference 2009: "The Quest for European Leadership" admin 02 September 2010
Climate Change Meets Trade: The rapidly expanding agenda in the post-Bali period admin 14 September 2012
Corporate Governance Reform in the EU admin 14 May 2010
Call for EU budget reform to match green priorities admin 28 August 2014
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Czechs may get strong post in EC for Lisbon ratification - press admin 28 August 2014
Concepcio Patxot admin 11 March 2014
Czechy: Vaclav Klaus zmiania ton ws. traktatu lizbońskiego admin 28 August 2014
Competitiveness, Energy and the Environment - An Overview of the work of the High Level Group admin 31 August 2010
Conflict Resolution in the Neighbourhood: Comparing the Role of the EU in the Turkish-Kurdish and Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts admin 14 September 2012
Consumer Credit in Europe (1995-2009): ECRI Statistical Package 2010 admin 14 September 2012
Crescenzo dell admin 13 April 2014
Creating One Asia Together admin 28 August 2014
Consumer Credit in Europe 1995-2007 (Excel only) admin 14 September 2012
Caucasus & the Black Sea admin 15 May 2010
Christpher Napoli Anne Harrington 02 April 2014
Collateral and Credit Rationing: The role of collateral in explaining and remediating the limited flow of credit to households and SMEs Anne Harrington 21 February 2014
Costs and Benefits of RES in Europe up to 2030 Anne Harrington 11 March 2016
Capital Controls and Foreign Exchange Market Crises in the EMS Anne Harrington 09 November 2015
Country adjustment to a ‘sudden stop’: Does the euro make a difference? Anne Harrington 16 March 2015
CEPS Task Force on Aligning the EU Budget with Europe 2020 Anne Harrington 04 March 2014
Crisis Management at Crossroads: Challenges facing cross border financial institutions at the EU level Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Composition and Drivers of Energy Prices and Costs in Energy-Intensive Industries: The Case of the Chemical Industry - Ammonia Anne Harrington 20 March 2015
Can Italy and Spain survive rates of 6-7%? Anne Harrington 20 May 2015
Commonalities and Differences in Labour Market Developments and Constraints in Different EU Regions Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Corrado Topi Anne Harrington 27 July 2016
Combating Youth Unemployment: The latest European fad? Anne Harrington 18 June 2013
Competitiveness: Treat the illness, not the symptoms Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Completing the Banking Union: Deposit Insurance Anne Harrington 03 December 2015