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Boosting the Impact of Social Innovation in Europe through Economic Underpinnings (SIMPACT) ana.silva@ceps.eu 30 October 2017
Braunschweig University of Technology ana.silva@ceps.eu 07 August 2017
Building the Financial System of the XXI Century: An Agenda for the EU and the US Anne-Marie Boudou 07 April 2015
Balancing Surveillance and Privacy Anne-Marie Boudou 08 April 2015
Building Materials - Progressing towards a more circular economy Anne-Marie Boudou 14 November 2017
Britain’s Future in Europe (2nd edition) Anne-Marie Boudou 12 May 2016
Biometrics and Borders Anne-Marie Boudou 16 March 2017
Big data and fintech: a solution to financial exclusion? Anne-Marie Boudou 28 October 2017
Building Resilience in Southeast Europe: State of play. The EU's Enlargement Package 2016 Anne-Marie Boudou 02 November 2016
Brexit: What impact on member states? Anne-Marie Boudou 09 February 2017
Britain's Future in Europe - Reform, Renegotiation, Repatriation or Secession Anne-Marie Boudou 09 April 2015
Britain and Europe: The Endgame Anne-Marie Boudou 04 May 2015
Brexit: What are the implications for climate and energy policy in the EU? Anne-Marie Boudou 13 September 2016
Backloading: A necessary, but not sufficient first step anne.harrington... 30 March 2015
Brigitti Herremans anne.harrington... 09 May 2016
Britain’s Political Earthquake: What aftershocks for Europe and the UK? anne.harrington... 18 May 2015
Barbara Casu anne.harrington... 02 March 2014
Banking Union as a Shock Absorber: Lessons for the eurozone from the US anne.harrington... 17 December 2015
Banking Union in Three Steps anne.harrington... 21 May 2015
Bank State Aid in the Financial Crisis: Fragmentation or level playing field? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Britain, Ireland and Schengen: Time for a smarter bargain on visas anne.harrington... 04 May 2015
Barbara Holzer anne.harrington... 29 July 2015
Brexit's Consequences for the UK – and the EU anne.harrington... 05 July 2016
Brazilian Perspectives on the Changing Global Order and Security Challenges anne.harrington... 21 February 2013
Balance-of-Payments Adjustment in the Eurozone anne.harrington... 25 January 2016
Business cycle desynchronisation: Amplitude and beta versus co-movement anne.harrington... 20 January 2017
Barbara Tocco anne.harrington... 02 March 2014
Between Autonomy and Dependence: The EU Legal Order under the Influence of International Organisations anne.harrington... 14 March 2013
Brexit and Climate Policy: Political choices will determine the future of EU-UK cooperation anne.harrington... 26 September 2017
Biljana Angelova anne.harrington... 15 March 2014
Bilyana Petkova anne.harrington... 19 March 2014
Brexit - A last testament anne.harrington... 24 May 2016
Banks and Environmental Sustainability: Some reflections from the perspective of financial stability anne.harrington... 03 May 2017
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Brazilian Climate Policy since 2005: Continuity, Change and Prospective anne.harrington... 13 February 2013
Banking Union with a Sovereign Virus: The self-serving regulatory treatment of sovereign debt in the euro area anne.harrington... 13 March 2014