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Boosting the Impact of Social Innovation in Europe through Economic Underpinnings (SIMPACT) ana.silva@ceps.eu 30 October 2017
Braunschweig University of Technology ana.silva@ceps.eu 07 August 2017
Brexit: What are the implications for climate and energy policy in the EU? Anne-Marie Boudou 13 September 2016
Building the Financial System of the XXI Century: An Agenda for the EU and the US Anne-Marie Boudou 07 April 2015
Balancing Surveillance and Privacy Anne-Marie Boudou 08 April 2015
Building Materials - Progressing towards a more circular economy Anne-Marie Boudou 18 December 2017
Britain’s Future in Europe (2nd edition) Anne-Marie Boudou 12 May 2016
Biometrics and Borders Anne-Marie Boudou 16 March 2017
Building Resilience in Southeast Europe: State of play. The EU's Enlargement Package 2016 Anne-Marie Boudou 02 November 2016
Big data and fintech: a solution to financial exclusion? Anne-Marie Boudou 28 October 2017
Brexit: What impact on member states? Anne-Marie Boudou 09 February 2017
Britain's Future in Europe - Reform, Renegotiation, Repatriation or Secession Anne-Marie Boudou 09 April 2015
Britain and Europe: The Endgame Anne-Marie Boudou 04 May 2015
Bretton Woods, Brussels and beyond: Redesigning the Institutions of Europe Anne-Marie Boudou 30 May 2018
Brigitte Herremans anne.harrington... 10 May 2016
Banking Union: Ireland vs. Nevada, an illustration of the importance of an integrated banking system anne.harrington... 30 March 2015
Bank State Aid in the Financial Crisis: Fragmentation or level playing field? anne.harrington... 14 September 2012
Bart Van Vooren anne.harrington... 31 March 2014
Banking Union in the Eurozone and the European Union anne.harrington... 21 May 2015
Benchmarking the Financial Sector in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries and Projecting 2030 Financial Sector Scenarios anne.harrington... 27 March 2015
Business Models in European Banking: A pre-and post-crisis screening anne.harrington... 20 May 2015
Brexit: Towards an ‘EFTA-like’ dispute settlement mechanism anne.harrington... 06 September 2017
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Backloading: A necessary, but not sufficient first step anne.harrington... 30 March 2015
Banks as buyers of last resort for government bonds? anne.harrington... 06 December 2017
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Banking Union as a Shock Absorber: Lessons for the eurozone from the US anne.harrington... 17 December 2015
Banking Union in Three Steps anne.harrington... 21 May 2015
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Balance-of-Payments Adjustment in the Eurozone anne.harrington... 25 January 2016
Banks, Non-Performing Loans and Investment anne.harrington... 17 April 2018