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Banking Union in the Eurozone and the European Union Anne Harrington 21 May 2015
Benchmarking the Financial Sector in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries and Projecting 2030 Financial Sector Scenarios Anne Harrington 27 March 2015
Business Models in European Banking: A pre-and post-crisis screening Anne Harrington 20 May 2015
Banking Union as a Shock Absorber: Lessons for the eurozone from the US Anne Harrington 17 December 2015
Backloading: A necessary, but not sufficient first step Anne Harrington 30 March 2015
Brexit's Consequences for the UK – and the EU Anne Harrington 05 July 2016
Barbara Holzer Anne Harrington 29 July 2015
Balance-of-Payments Adjustment in the Eurozone Anne Harrington 25 January 2016
Business cycle desynchronisation: Amplitude and beta versus co-movement Anne Harrington 20 January 2017
Banking Union in Three Steps Anne Harrington 21 May 2015
Brexit and climate policy: Political choices will determine the future of EU-UK cooperation Anne Harrington 31 August 2016
Barbara Casu Anne Harrington 02 March 2014
Brexit - A last testament Anne Harrington 24 May 2016
Brazilian Perspectives on the Changing Global Order and Security Challenges Anne Harrington 21 February 2013
Britain, Ireland and Schengen: Time for a smarter bargain on visas Anne Harrington 04 May 2015
Brian Fabo Anne Harrington 24 August 2015
Brexit and the City Anne Harrington 28 January 2016
Bank State Aid in the Financial Crisis: Fragmentation or level playing field? Anne Harrington 14 September 2012
Between Autonomy and Dependence: The EU Legal Order under the Influence of International Organisations Anne Harrington 14 March 2013
Barbara Tocco Anne Harrington 02 March 2014
Bilyana Petkova Anne Harrington 19 March 2014
Biljana Angelova Anne Harrington 15 March 2014
Britain’s Future in Europe: The known Plan A to remain or the unknown Plan B to leave Anne Harrington 04 March 2016
Brazilian Climate Policy since 2005: Continuity, Change and Prospective Anne Harrington 13 February 2013
Building a Capital Markets Union… or designing a financial system for the euro area? Anne Harrington 05 June 2015
Banking Union with a Sovereign Virus: The self-serving regulatory treatment of sovereign debt in the euro area Anne Harrington 13 March 2014
Bassem Kamar Anne Harrington 26 February 2014
Banking Union for Europe: Risks and Challenges Anne Harrington 27 March 2015
Brexit and the Asset Management Industry Anne Harrington 22 February 2017
Brexit will deepen the fault lines within the EU over mobility Anne Harrington 15 July 2016
Brexit and Social Security in the EU Anne Harrington 25 November 2016
Banking crisis yet again and how to fix it Anne Harrington 18 February 2016
Brigitte Herremans Anne Harrington 10 May 2016
Brazil and the EU in the Global Economy Anne Harrington 27 March 2015
Banking Union: A federal model for the European Union with prompt corrective action Anne Harrington 31 March 2015
Beatrice Pierluigi Anne Harrington 14 April 2016