Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in the Age of Collaborative Economy

The IRSDACE (Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in the Age of Collaborative Economy) project, funded by DG EMPL of the European Commission, aims to identify how traditional players in the labour market, e.g. trade unions, employers' associations, member states and the EU, experience and respond to the platform economy. The project has five main tasks: i) conceptualisation of collaborative work, its place in the labour market, employment policy and industrial relations; ii) analysis of discourse on collaborative economy among established industrial relations actors; iii) assessment of the implications of workers’ experience with the collaborative economy for industrial relations and social dialogue; iv) comparative analysis of national experiences; and v) analysis of how EU-level employment policy and the industrial relations agenda should respond to the emergence of work in the collaborative economy. The project started in January 2017 and will run until December 2018. CEPS is the project coordinator in a partnership with IZA (DE), FAOS (DK), Fundación Alternativas (ES) and CELSI (SK).

On March 13th, the project had its kick off meeting attended by all partners as well as by some of the most important project stakeholders at both national and European level. Professor Ursula Huws, in her capacity as project reviewer, gave a keynote speech presenting the state of the art and the main concerns to consider regarding social dialogue and industrial relations in the collaborative economy. The subsequent discussion focused on definitions, concerns and methodology to be used in the project. The partners will now continue the first part of the work and convene again in the summer to review progress.