CEPS Summer School 2016

The second edition of the Summer School on Economic and Financial Governance of the European Monetary Union will take place September 5-10th at CEPS in Brussels.

The summer school will focus on three main topics of the EMU governance architecture: i) the banking union and its pillars, ii) fiscal governance and iii) monetary policy – as well as the linkages and interaction between all three. The course will analyse each of these topics from a policy perspective and in practical terms. Formal lectures are complemented by seminars with policy-makers and international experts, simulation exercises and discussion groups to help participants to understand how decisions are taken and the practical implications for the economy and the financial system.

The ideal candidates for the school are academics, officials from the EU institutions, national ministries, local governments, central banks and the private sector. People interested in participating in the Summer School are encouraged to fill in the application form and short statement of motivation (places are limited).

Applications are due by June 10th. Admissions decisions will be reached by June 30th, at which time all applicants will be informed by e-mail whether their application has been accepted. For any additional information, please contactcepsacademy@ext.ceps.eu